Julianne YOUNG is Solidly Pro-Life

As the mother of ten beautiful children, I am solidly pro-life. When my 6th child was born 2 ½ months early and then suffered a major brain hemorrhage which left doctors questioning whether he would ever walk or talk, my family and I fought to keep him alive, giving him the opportunity to grow and develop to his maximum capacity. Today, he is a happy, healthy, active 13-year-old.

As your state representative, I will always defend the right of pre-born children to life and will work to see that mothers have access to life-affirming healthcare and counseling.

Julianne YOUNG is Solidly Pro-Family

I have dedicated my life to the ideal of family. I believe that strong families are the most important and only real answer to many of the social, educational, and economic issues we face. Families are the fundamental unit of society. With nearly 27 years of marriage behind me, I know firsthand the happiness that comes from a marriage between a man and a woman who are committed to one another and to caring for and raising children. Because my husband is a mental health provider and counselor, I am also keenly aware of the harsh reality that no government system, no matter how well-intentioned, can ever outperform the family.

You can count on me to always defend the central role of the family in society, and to oppose any efforts to undermine parental rights.

Julianne YOUNG Supports the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms

The right to keep and bear arms is not just intended for an occasional hunting trip. I believe that every person has a fundamental right to the protection of life and property, even by force when necessary. In situations where the threat of gun violence becomes more prevalent, the right of individuals to keep and bear arms becomes more vital and evident than ever.

As your state representative, you can depend on me to energetically oppose any efforts to demonize or infringe on the second amendment rights of all Idahoans.

Julianne YOUNG Supports Quality Education

I believe that quality education is the result of an environment where parents and educators have the maximum ability to directly address the real needs of children. With a bachelor’s degree in education and nearly two decades of experience as a successful home educator, I understand that just throwing more money and regulations at education is not the answer.

All good education strengthens families and encourages self-discipline. The hyper-sexualization of children has no place in Idaho’s education system.

I am committed to maintaining the moral integrity of educational content, minimizing regulation and red-tape, seeing that state funding directly benefits classrooms, and supporting state policies that are friendly to educational innovation and options for all families.

Julianne YOUNG Defends Private Property Rights

Private property rights are the cornerstone of a free society and the real source of economic prosperity. It is the ability of individuals to innovate and use personal property to pursue economic endeavors that has historically made America the most successful and prosperous nation on earth.

As your state representative, I will continue to be a staunch advocate for private property rights and for policies that
allow business endeavors to proceed in a reasonable and minimally regulated environment.

Julianne YOUNG is a Solid Fiscal Conservative

Our family has made it a priority to be financially self-reliant. We are debt-free and regularly save for a rainy day. We should be able to expect our government to do the same. I also understand that a lack of fiscal self-reliance in our state translates into more federal regulation and a greater financial burden in the long-term.

As your state representative, I am committed to ensuring that fiscal decisions and commitments are fiscally sound and preserve the ability of state government to genuinely represent the interests of Idahoans, now and in the future.

Julianne YOUNG Honors Her Oath of Office

I love the Constitution of the United States of America. I believe that it was inspired by God and that His hand was in the establishment of our nation. The Constitution is the answer to many of the problems we struggle with. If we study it and apply it, it will be a great blessing to us.

I have been heavily involved in grass-roots efforts to preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution. Over the last decade, I have become an avid student of the Constitution and have invested hundreds of hours in planning Constitution classes, rallies, and day camps, preparing editorial columns and presentations on Constitution-related topics, and advocating the exercise of Constitutionally-defined government powers.

When I raise my arm to the square and take an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Idaho State and United States Constitutions, I will understand and honor that oath.

Julianne YOUNG Understands the Importance of the First Amendment

As America’s first freedom, I understand that religious liberty is about more than ‘freedom to worship’ on Sunday and in the privacy of our homes. It is about our right and ability to live according to our religious beliefs, and to make decisions and express opinions, in the public square and in our employment, that are informed by our religious convictions. I also understand that religious liberty and freedom of speech are interdependent. We cannot have one without the other.

As your state representative, I will oppose efforts to intimidate or silence religiously informed opinions and will defend the right of all Idahoans to make decisions that are consistent with their religious values.

Julianne YOUNG Supports Patient Privacy and Choice in Medical Care Options

My father is a retired family practice doctor who began private practice in the Blackfoot area 35 years ago. He has always centered his practice on meeting the unique needs of his patients as individuals. Consequently, I understand that government regulation in medical care has real consequences for real people.

I am committed to protecting patient choice and patient privacy in health care and to resisting efforts to consolidate
government control over health care. I will support efforts to protect private and innovative medical care options.