I'm a Mom, Wife, Educator, and long-term resident of Bingham County


I Am a Serious Student of the United States Constitution


Over the last twelve years, I have become an avid student of the principles of government, including those contained in our founding documents and the stories, writing and philosophy of those who have shaped our political system.

I have embraced the understanding that, as a citizen in a free and self-governing nation I am responsible for the things that happen in government. It is MY job to be informed and to speak up when I become aware of things that are wrong or that threaten the safety and well-being of our community or nation. For the last 8 years, I have served as a volunteer chapter leader in Blackfoot for the Freedom First Society, an organization whose mission it is to support and defend the Constitutional principles of government which have historically made our nation the most free and prosperous nation on earth.

As a volunteer leader I have organized many events including a Constitution Jubilee held in Southeastern Idaho at Downata Hot Springs this last summer.  At this event, more than 250 people participated classes; learning more in depth about the General Welfare Clause, The Interstate Commerce Clause, the Supremacy Clause, and the importance of being familiar with and understanding the United States Constitution.


I Am an Educator


I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Idaho State University.  I have applied what I learned in many ways including in homeschooling my own children through high school.  In that environment, our children have learned the value of academic excellence. Our two oldest sons attended BYU-Idaho on academic scholarships, beginning at age 17. Our oldest is now finishing a bachelor’s degree in nursing through BYU-I where he continues to excel academically and is highly sought after as a tutor. Our third son, a high school senior, has chosen to study web-design, photography, and video editing.  Applying those skills he has created this website and associated videos. I also have a son who, as a premature infant, suffered a severe brain hemorrhage and has required a great deal of academic remediation. As a mother, I understand that each child has unique strengths and weaknesses and that excellent education directly address the real needs of children, one child at a time.


I Am a Bingham County Local


I have grown up and raised my family right here in Bingham County.  My parents, Richard and Kerma Hill, moved to the Blackfoot area when I was 7 and I grew up attending school in the Snake River School District. My parents taught me to work hard, carefully analyze information and ideas, pursue my dreams with a passion, and fearlessly stand up for truth.

After graduation from Snake River I married Kevin Young, son of Kenneth and Evelyn Young, also from Blackfoot. We now have 10 beautiful children and live in the Groveland area where we own a small hobby farm that includes Jersey cows, a colorful flock of chickens, and a geothermal greenhouse. Our family loves to work hard, play hard, hike and camp, make beautiful music, and participate in dramatic productions. We are thankful for each of our precious, unique children!

We are people of faith and have a strong tradition of service in our church and community. I currently enjoy serving as a Webelos Scout leader.


I Am a Public Servant


I have chosen to run for public office at this time based on a deep conviction that there are serious issues on the state level which affect our community and that our current representative has failed to represent local interests and values.  I am NOT a career politician looking for a job or something to do with my free time in retirement. My life is happy and busy without adding civic service to my list of responsibilities. However, I will not stand idly by while our children and our community are threatened by dangers such as the deeply flawed sex education bill introduced this year by my opponent (learn more about the bill→).

I have chosen to take a stand in defense of the family, education that supports and respects moral principles, and the preservation of parental and local control over what children are taught in the classroom.

I am a proponent of limited Constitutional government, principled decision-making, and Constitutional rights of Idahoans, including our First and Second Amendment rights.

I’m a wife and mother, a scout leader, a person of faith, a gardener and hobby farmer, an avid reader and researcher, an editorial columnist, a committed and passionate American, and a proud Idahoan.

I ask for your support and vote on May 15th.